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7533 South University Blvd

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Monday 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
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Who We Are

Striving to be your #1 destination salon for all things related to manicures, pedicures and waxing.
Located in the heart of Centennial.

No.5 Boutique Nails & Spa was created by 5 sisters who wanted to provide the highest quality of Nail Salon and Spa services to each of our clients under the highest standards of business ethics.

Our vision is to create a beautiful, yet functional group of nail spas in the markets that will attract people who are looking to unwind and have an enjoyable experience. No.5 Boutique Nails & Spa began as a dream among the sisters and we have collectively nurtured this dream to share our vision with our clients. Our only mission is to cater to our clients every needs through impeccable service that will nurture the body, spirit, and mind. We will offer numerous treatments, products, and nail services that embody the healing traditions of many cultures.

With our first store located in Centennial, Colorado, we are excited to watch our vision continue to grow throughout Colorado and open up new stores soon! Welcome to No.5 Boutique Nails & Spa!

  • Nail Spa Parties

    Private parties for any special occasions.

  • Princess Treatment

    Special package deals for princesses.

  • Waxing

    You know it!

  • Nail Care & Enhancement

    Great looking nails starts at the root.

Our Pedicure Treatments

We are proud of our cleanliness, our pedicures uses state of the art equipment which allows us to utilize disposable plastic liners to ensure that your feet are being treated in a brand new bowl each and every time.

A brand new set of filers, buffers, and pumice stones are used for every pedicure treatment. We will not reuse them, so they’re yours to keep afterwards.
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The Boutique

Relax your feet by soaking it in our luxurious crystal bowl while we treat you to a spa pedicure. This includes nail shaping, cuticle trimmings, foot massage, and follow by some hot steam towels. We’ll apply our finishing touches with some polish application to complete our service in rejuvenating your feet look and feel.
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Purple Passion

Relax your soul while bathing your feet in a lavender aromatic bath. Careful attention will be paid to callus elimination, cuticle removal, and nail shaping. Close your eyes and take it all in, as the lavender scrub calms and revitalizes your skin. Fall into deep comfort with steaming hot towels wraps. Finish with a soothing lavender cream massage.
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First Blush

Outrageously romantic, this beautiful treatment begins with a bath filled with fragrant blend rose soak to uplift your spirit and rejuvenate your feet. Careful attention paid to callus elimination, cuticle removal, and nail shaping. Softening your skin with a rosy exfoliating scrub followed by steaming hot towels. Relax to a dreamy rosy cream massage.
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Summer Breeze

An infusion of citrus bath with freshly sliced lemons. Extra attention is paid to calluses, cuticle removals, and nails shaping. The crystalline citric scrub reawakens the skin and reduces the visual signs of aging. Relax your overworked muscles with an energizing oil massage followed by steamed towels and hot rock massage.
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Tango Mango

Rest your tired and trembled feet in a tangerine aromatic soak. Impeccable attention is paid to the callus elimination, cuticle removal, and nail shaping. Treat your skin to a softening exfoliation with a tangerine scrub followed by heavenly tension relieving massage that will calm your nerve and soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Finish your experience with steamy hot towels and a hot stone massage.
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Honey Do’s

Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of honeydew scented water. Careful attention is paid to cuticle and callus removal. Followed by a honeydew scented scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin. Rich in vitamin-C, honeydew lotion along with steamy hot towels and hot stone massage will be applied to complete this truly relaxing experience.
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Cool Cumber

Sail your tiredness away in a bath of cooling, relaxing cucumber foot soak. Careful attention is paid to nail shaping, cuticles, and callus removal. Treat your skin to a softening exfoliation with a cucumber scrub. It completes with a fresh high mineral content cucumber mask wrapped in hot towels to hydrate your skin on your legs. Finish with a cucumber cream massage to balance and tighten up the skin.
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Crimson Crush

Invigorate and renew your feet in a fabulous pomegranate soak bath. Attentive care will be given to cuticles and callus removal. Then enjoy an illuminating scrub that polishes the skin. A pomegranate mask coats the feet which are then wrapped in hot towels. Finish your treatment with a pomegranate oil massage to give your feet a unique balance of vitamins to repair dried and damaged skin. Finish off with a hot stone massage.
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Silky Milky

A luxurious coconut milk bath with a hint of vanilla will warm your feet with its delicious aromatic scent. Special attention will be paid to callus elimination, cuticle removal, and nail shaping. Then take pleasure in an ultimate exfoliating vanilla sugar scrub followed with honey-milky masque to reveal your glowing skin on your legs. Finish off with a hot stone massage and a paraffin wax on your feet.
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Choco Addict

Indulge your feet in a glorious chocolate Milky Way bath. There is a meticulous attention paid to cuticle and callus removal. Treat your skin to an exfoliating chocolate scrub giving them a refreshed and radiant glow. Then be swept away by a revitalizing masque on the legs and an all- natural melted shea butter on your feet before you slip into a warm paraffin bath. Conclude your experience with a relaxing oil massage and a hot stone massage.
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Secret Garden

Experience the healing power of nature’s gentlest anti-aging remedy. Emerge your feet in a bath of green-tea soak to detox and purify your feet. Allow the powerful antioxidant green tea scrub to exfoliate your skin. Following is a green tea masque to smooth and rebuild damage cells. Steam-warmed towels are wrapped around your feet combined with hot rocks to accelerate and infuse the masque. Further hydrate your feet with a warm paraffin treatment and relax in our antioxidant-enriched green tea lotion massage and hot stone massage.
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Heaven Awaits

The name says it all. This unforgettable experience begins with pearl powder foot soak to absorb oil and impurities. The pearl powder scrub will delight your skin, restore a sheer radiant glow. Paradise awaits when we apply a revitalizing pearl powder masque followed by steam-warmed towels. Indulge your feet in warm paraffin and hot stones massage to complete your warmest sensation. Finish this ultimate pearls powder pedicure with a luxurious pearl-spa massage cream.